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For all your activities related to your sign up, making transactions, asking for queries, is an indication that you are under an agreement with SpecificStep legal policy according to its terms and conditions. And SpecificStep has right to reject, cancel or terminate your account or make amendments to terms and conditions, without a prior notice.

Membership Eligibility

Only individuals who have the authority to bind a legal contract under Indian Contract Act, 1872, are authorized to make contractual relationship with SpecificStep. The contractual terms would not be considered legal with minors (individuals under 18 years of age) or any of the blacklisted member by the governing authority of SpecificStep. However his or her guardian may be entitled to use or work with SpecificStep on the behalf of that minor. SpecificStep has right to reject or cancel the membership with prior notice to its clients.

Accuracy with the documentation

Being a member with SpecificStep you agree to keep all your transactions, documents and other records confidential. You agree with the terms that, all information provided on your behalf related to name, age, address, transaction terms are all true, and in any case if the information provided is found to be false, SpecificStep reserves the right to withhold or terminate your contractual agreement without prior notice.

    SpecificStep takes no responsibility and shall not take any liability in any of the following mishaps from the other resources such as….

  • Insufficient funds in the account making future transactions restricted
  • The bank rejects the transaction
  • The loss of clients personal data due to inaccuracy or incorrect transaction completion
  • Invalid or inaccurate information causing declination of your transaction with SpecificStep
  • Uncontrollable circumstances such as flood, fire, earthquake, strike in bank, electric fluctuation, power failure or line break in cell phone networks

By proceeding with the sign up process, you agree to our terms and permit us to contact you through e-mails as well as phone calls, in concern with our newest updates of products and services.